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Ballet South is a dance company that gives its young members wonderful opportunities to reinforce their technical and artistic abilities while participating in performances offered to the community. Ballet South is a unique venue where dancers share their passion, learn and flourish under the supervision of Ms. Desnoes whose expertise has been acclaimed at home and internationally. Our goal is to inspire and to get the best out of every child and every young adult through high quality teaching and mentoring. The environment we provide is positive, encouraging, yet rigorous. Ballet South's vision is to offer a high standard of artistry and creativity to the youth of our community. With Ballet South, young local artists will develop the foundation necessary to pursue a life of learning, discipline and happiness while spreading artistic awareness throughout their community and beyond.

Ballet South is a pre-professional ballet company made-up of company members and apprentices aged 10 and older living in North and Central Alabama. In order to be eligible to join Ballet South, prospective members must be enrolled in a ballet program in a dance school of their choice.  Auditions are typically held during the month of August. If you missed the last audition, and wish to dance with us, please contact our artistic director.

Ballet South is the official company of Brooke Desnoes Ballet Academy

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